Mr.Abdul Wahid

Mr. Abdul Wahid is the founder and Chief Executive of numerous international ventures where he has been in charge of his own private ventures as well as being an official representative of Pakistan in various countries around the world, including in the U.K, The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, China, South Korea and Japan.

Mr. Abdul Wahid is a self made man who openly states that the key of his successes can be attributed to the Blessings of Almighty Allah, the prayers of his parents and his unflinching belief that honesty, dedication and plain old hard work. In his daily life Mr. Abdul Wahid is a dynamic and successful businessman / Entrepreneur, a caring and loving family man and a thorough gentleman who has a clear vision and deep understanding of how to best leverage one's situation and to transform difficulties into monumental successes.

Ever since his early days in school where he taught tuition to his peers to finance his own education, Mr. Abdul Wahid is the epitome of success. No project is too big for him and his organization and no challenge too great. This website is dedicated to this great man and a tribute to his achievements. 

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  • Mr Abdul Wahid
    receiving the President
    Mr Abdul Wahid after
    Pavilion to former
    Mr Abdul Wahid
    Receiving Award
  • Mr Abdul Wahid
    And Mr Asad Wahid
    Mr Abdul Wahid
    with the Director of Sichuan
    Mr Abdul Wahid
    and the Ambassador
  • Mr Abdul Wahid along
    with the Pakistan
    Mr Abdul Wahid
    with his son Mr. Asad Wahid
    Mr Abdul Wahid flanked
    by the USA