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  Abdul Wahid


A dynamic personality with key skills in leadership, strategic planning, public advocacy, negotiation, public speaking and strategic implementation having a vast experience in international relations through key business initiatives transpiring numerous international borders with emphasis on promoting the positive image of the country.

[  1987- Present ]

Far East Oriental Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd     Karachi (

As Director and Chief Executive

 Far East Oriental Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd is a leading trading house of Pakistan that is based in Karachi. The company specializes in the international trade of handicrafts principally originating in Pakistan and China including Onyx stone items, brass items, Silk carpets, woolen carpets, rose wood furniture, jewelry, textiles etc. Since the inception of  the company under my leadership, the company has also been participating and organizing international Expos with immense success both as a private concessionaire as well as an official nominee of the government of Pakistan. Through such effort, Pakistan’s image has always been positively promoted in various countries around the world and such initiative has also resulted in closer understanding and development of positive relations between the grassroots level people of the various countries with the people of Pakistan. This has resulted in great achievements by us which are duly applauded by all the concerned private enterprises as well as government bodies. It is to be noted that the numerous activities that have been undertaken under my guidance and leadership were done without taking any support, either moral or financial from the Government of Pakistan. The following list of my achievements would prove that I have sound and extensive experience of the technical and economical know-how of successfully organizing and implementing large and unique export oriented projects which have contributed significantly towards the improvement of Pakistan’s  image as well as its exports all over the world:

 1- Expo - 1990, Osaka Japan

(For Six months duration from April to October 1990)

Our firm was allocated space for commercial activities in Osaka, Japan in March 1990 by the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad as an official nominee of the government of Pakistan. This Expo was organized in the most impressive and befitting manner. We were further privileged to associate ourselves with the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad in the International Garden and Greenery Exposition-1990 held in Osaka, Japan. We also deposited Participation L.C. of total Rupees 53 Million with the Government of Pakistan.

2- Asia Expo -1990, Hamburg – Germany

(From May 21st to May 24th 1992)

I  participated in the 2nd Asia Expo-1990 which was held in Hamburg, Germany from May 21st to May 24th 1992 in the Hamburg Exhibition Center, Germany where I made immense inroads in the wholesale and retail markets for the export of Pakistani handicraft items such as carpets and leather items.

 3- First Japan Exposition, Toyoma - Japan

(For Eighty days from July, 1992 to September 1992)

I participated in the subject cited Expo in Japan and had taken the following items vis-a-vis: Onyx items, leather jackets, Pakistani Handicrafts of different kinds and hand knotted carpets for promotional activities. We had a tremendous success in terms of spot sales for these items. In this connection we were supported by the Export Promotions Bureau, Government of Pakistan and the Commercial Attaché of Pakistan Embassy-Tokyo, Japan.

4- Expo-1993, Taejon - South Korea

(From August 7th to November 1993)

I was privileged to participate in the subject cited Expo for three months as a concessionaire for general trading and my firm was  allocated commercial space for the same where we gave away traditional hand made Pakistani souvenirs to the visitors thereby creating a bond between the people of Pakistan and those of Korea. We were also allocated space for a Pakistan Restaurant where we built a traditional Pakistani style restaurant and served typical Pakistani food to the thousands of visitors to the Expo. Such activities went a long way towards promoting Pakistan’s image and its culture as well as its typical cuisine amongst the Korean populace.

5- World Festival Exposition 1994, Mie - Japan

(From July 22nd to November 6th 1994)

I  exclusively represented Pakistan along with twenty other countries of the world in the World Bazaar of the World Festival in Mie 1994. Our contribution and sales in this expo went a long way towards earning significant amounts of much needed foreign exchange by our country as well as to improve its reputation and in the creation of goodwill of the visitors towards Pakistan.

6- Handicrafts Showroom and Outlet in the Asia and Pacific Trading Center, Osaka - Japan.

In 1994 I  opened a showroom of Pakistan Handicrafts in the name and style of K-2 Handicrafts. The Asia Pacific Trade Center was leading  new commercial mega complex at Cosines Square in Osaka, Japan and we introduced new ways to do business in Japan which went hand in hand towards the promotion of Pakistani handicrafts in that country.

7- Expo 1996, Budapest - Hungary.

This Expo was scheduled to be held from May 11th to October 4th 1996 in Budapest, Hungary. We were pre-qualified for participation, however the Expo was cancelled at the last moment by the Hungarian Government.

8- World City Exposition, Tokyo - Japan.

We were also pre-qualified for participation in the said Expo but the Expo was cancelled by the Government of Japan.

9- Lisboa Expo 1998, Lisbon - Portugal.

We Participated in the subject cited Expo with immense success which was held for four months and ten days as a private concessionaire. We also operated a Pakistan Handicrafts showroom and outlet in the Expo. This expo, in which we were again an exclusive participants from Pakistan, went a long way towards creating positive feelings towards Pakistan in Portugal which is considered by many to be the heart of Europe.

10- World Culture Exposition 1998, Kyonjgo - South Korea  (From 10th September to 10th November 1998)                                                                   From amongst several contenders, ours was the only firm that was given the privilege to participate in this Expo to exclusively represent Pakistan. We feel extremely proud to state that we accomplished this task in the most befitting manner and both the Pakistani and Korean officials applauded our performance immensely.

11- International Horticultural Exposition 1999, Kunming - China.

(From May 1st to October 31st 1999)

Under my leadership, my firm was appointed by the Capital Development Authority, Islamabad as an official representative of Pakistan to organize, develop and manage the Pakistan Pavilion and a Garden name and theme of "Mughal Garden". The garden was built on a 1250 Sq. Meter area and was based and built on Mughal era architectural designs. We also incorporated and built an exact marble replica of the Shalimar garden in this Expo. As a testament to our amazing performance, the Pakistan Pavilion and Garden were bestowed with the top prize for the Expo, which was the ‘Grand Prize’ (better than first prize) along with several other awards by the Chinese Authorities. This was a great achievement for us and an incredible recognition for Pakistan as there over fifty top countries of the world that were contending for the top prize.

12- International Travel Expo ’99, Kwangwon-Do, South Korea
(From 11th September to 30th September 1999)

Once again, under my leadership, our company was the sole firm from Pakistan which was selected by the Expo authorities from Pakistan, based on our professional and solid past track record, to participate in this prestigious expo. Through our well known display of professionalism and sound acumen, we received numerous praises from the expo authorities and more importantly from the thousands and thousands of visitors who truly appreciated their exposure to the unique Pakistani culture and its exotic handcrafted goods. 

13- Expo 2000, Hannover - Germany.

(From June 1st to October 31st 2000)

We participated in the Expo-2000, Hannover, with tremendous success as a Expo partner in the following areas:

1- Gastronomy: We operated an A-class restaurant with the name and theme of Mughal Bar-B-Cue restaurant. It covered an area of 450 Sq. Meters and had a seating capacity of 400-Persons. The restaurant offered traditional Pakistani food in a Pakistani setting to the thousands of visitors to the Expo. I feel extremely to state that thousands upon thousands of German visitors inquired to know more about our precious country and they  were given promotional material that was procured from the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation and this activity alone generated significant popularity and knowledge amongst Pakistan in Germany.

2- Retail outlet: We also operated a Pakistani Ceramics and Handicrafts outlet in the Expo and dealt with dealing with the promotion of Pakistan crafts. Additionally, a cultural troupe was taken by us from Pakistan to Germany which performed folk lore and traditional Pakistani culture for the benefit of the German audience. In fact the performance of the cultural troupe of Pakistan was one of the most sought-after and popular performances in the Expo.

 We received several acclamations and extremely positive reviews by many local newspapers in Germany.

 14- Celebration of Island Cultures- Jeju, South Korea 2001.

Once again, my firm was the only company selected from Pakistan to participate in the above Expo. We operated a Pakistan Handicrafts showroom and outlet in the above mentioned Expo and are extremely pleased to state that it was of utmost success for our firm and that our outlet received immense attention and utmost interest by the Korean people.

15- World Ceramics Exposition, South Korea 2001.
(August - October 2001)
We participated in the WOCEK 2001 Expo which was held in South Korea and we represented culture, themes and unique hand crafted products of Pakistan as a private concessionaire. We are extremely pleased to report that this Expo was an immense success in imparting both a positive image of our firm as well as for our country on the Korean government as well as its people.

16- Floriade 2002 Exposition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

(7th April- 31st October 2002)

We participated in the Floriade 2002 Exposition wherein we built a Pakistan Pavilion and a Pakistan Garden. The concept was to create a structure that represented the unique and captivating heritage of the country. The typical and exotic Flora from Pakistan were displayed inside and around this structure. Furthermore, traditional contemporary and ancient gardening techniques are also employed and displayed in the construction and maintenance of the Flora.

 There was also a Pakistan Souvenir Section within the structure. It was a museum type gallery and incorporated the show, display and sale of Souvenirs to the visitors. These souvenirs included Pakistani hand-crafted items such as Onyx items, Carpets, Copper and Brass-wares, Leather items, Textiles, Sport items and Furniture etc.

 We received tremendous praise from international visitors as well as the Expo Authority who had made our national garden the center of attention of the Expo.

 17 – IGA 2003 Rostock Germany

( From April 2003 to October 2003    )

 My firm was appointed the official representative of Pakistan in the IGA 2003 Rostock Exposition. We built a Pakistan Garden in the Expo that represented some historical Garden in Pakistan with the blend of modern techniques. Visitors to the Pakistan Garden were given promotional and educational material about Pakistan. This material created widespread awareness and understanding about our country amongst people from all over the world. Additionally, traditional and uniquely Pakistani horticultural techniques were put on display for the benefit of the visitors and they all were pleasantly surprised at the innovativeness and ingenuity of the Pakistani people in this field.

 18- Pacific Flora 2004 Exposition, Japan

(From April 2004 to October 2004)

 We participated as an official participant in the subject cited Exposition. We  constructed a Pakistan Garden and a Pakistan Pavilion wherein, keeping with our long tradition, we projected the image of Pakistan and its goods in the most befitting manner to visitors from all over the world. We also operated a Pakistani Handicrafts Souvenir outlet as well as a Pakistan Restaurant in order to fully impart to our visitors the complete experience of our exotic culture and heritage. Keeping in view of our high quality contribution, dedication, sincere and hard work, we were awarded the prestigious ‘Bronze’ medal from amongst all the participants of the Expo.

 19- The 5th China International Garden & Flower Expo 2004-2005:

(From 16th Sep. 2004 to 16th March 2005)

We participated in  the subject cited Expo where we built a magnificent Pakistan Pavilion and Garden. In view of our immense contribution to the Expo we were awarded the ‘Silver’ medal from amongst the numerous competing international Expo participants from all over the world. The project spanned over area of 1000 sq. meters out of which 60% of the area was dedicated towards the construction of a beautiful historic Pakistan Garden that reflected the ancient Mughal era architecture and design. Similarly, the Pakistan Pavilion was constructed to serve as a mosaic of all the exceptional and unique architectural achievements that were attained by the various dynasties over a period of 500 years in the area which today is known as Pakistan. All the visitors who visited the Pakistan Pavilion and Pakistan Garden left with truly unforgettable experience.

 20-International World Horticulture Expo 2006, Shenyang, China.  

I am  proud to state that I have built a Pakistan Garden in the above mentioned Expo to be held in the Shenyang city of China. The complete cost of constructing this garden was approximately US Dollar One Hundred Thousand only (US$ 100,000/-) which was bourne entirely by my firm without any financial support from the Government of Pakistan. The garden would depict the historical and unique architecture of Pakistan and would reflect its rich heritage  in its construction. Furthermore, at the conclusion of the Expo it was gifted by my firm to  the government of Shenyang and the people of China as  a gift on behalf of the people of Pakistan.

21- Expo 2010, Shanghai, P.R. China, 2010.

I am proud to state that I have been appointed the Deputy Commissioner General for the Pakistan section of Expo 2010 by the Government of Pakistan. My firm also designed, constructed and managed the Pakistan Pavilion in the prestigious Expo 2010, Shanghai as an official participant from Pakistan. The Pavilion envisaged highlighting the most positive aspects of all of Pakistan’s cities and their contribution to making a better life for the citizens of the world. An exact replica of the world famous ‘Lahore Fort’ was constructed in Shanghai for the Pakistan Pavilion. The Pakistan Pavilion was built on an area of 2500 sq meters using cutting edge latest technologies such as virtual reality models, 3D holographic projections, gesture operated books etc and has won numerous accolades from various top dignitaries from around the world including from the President of Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister of Nepal, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, the Pakistani Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Naval Staff Pakistan, along with numerous top level Chinese government officials.

 [  2005- Present ]

Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt) Ltd

As Director and Chief Executive

Pakistan Chery Automobile (Pvt) is the sole distributor and progressive manufacturer for all Chery brand of automobiles and related products manufactured by the Chery automobile Co. Ltd of China. Chery automobiles is the world’s fastest growing automobile company with its unit sales growth approaching 100% year over year. It is also the largest Chinese domestic automobile company. Additionally, Chery boasts joint collaborations and joint ventures with leading global automobile names such as Daimler Chrysler of Germany, AVL of Austria, Mitsubishi of Japan, Lotus of England, Bertone and Pininfarnia of Italy, Fiat of Italy and many more. Currently, annual production capacity is approaching close to a million units of vehicles with exports reaching to more than 53 countries worldwide.


Professional memberships

· Elected Director and Member of the Pakistan- China Business Council- Federation of  Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

· Member of the Pakistan – South Korea Business Council, Federation of  Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

· Member of the Pakistan- Japan Business Council,    Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

· Life member of Pakistan Arts Council.

· Life member and Elected Council Member of Pakistan Horticulture Society.

· Member of Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry.



· B.Sc (with Physics and Mathematics as elective subjects) from the University of Punjab (Pakistan). Missed the coveted First Division by one mark only.

· FIMM (Fellow of the Institute of Materials Management, Cranfield Institute of Technology, Cranfield, Bedford, U.K. (Fellowship Number. 15098).

· Post Graduate Diploma in Production & Operations Management from the Institute of Management Science, Goethe Institute, Karachi.

· Post Graduate Diploma in Materials & Business Economics from the Institute of Management Science, Goethe Institute, Karachi.

· Remained member of the board of PSQCA (Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority) which determines the standards and quality specifications of products manufactured in Pakistan.

Special courses/
Seminars attended

· Advanced Course in Transport arranged by Road Transport Corporation, Lahore in 1971.

· Development Course for Managers arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi in December 1978.

· Finance and Accounting Course for Non-Financial Executives arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi in April 1979.

· Human Relations Course, arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi in June 1979.

· Statistical Quality Control Course arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi in September, 1979.

· Short Course in Management arranged by the National Institute of Public Administration, Karachi in December 1979.

· Effective Communication Skills Course arranged by the Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi in February, 1980.

· Productivity Improvement through Inventory Management Course arranged by Asian Productivity Consultants, Karachi in June 1980.

· Warehousing, materials handling course arranged by Asian Productivity Consultants, Karachi in July, 1980.

· Seminar on Warehousing & Material Handling arranged by Management Association of Pakistan, Karachi in February, 1981.

· Professional Development Programme arranged by Software, Technical & Management Services, Karachi in June, 1983.

· Seminar on Problem Solving through creativity arranged by SAL Management Consultants, Karachi in June 1983.

· Grid Management Course arranged by Pakistan Society of Advancement of Training, Karachi in August 1983.

· Leadership Styles & Approaches for Effective management Course arranged by Asian Productivity Consultants, Karachi in October 1983.

· Seminar on Japanese Managerial Experience, Theory & Practice arranged by Management Association of Pakistan in October 1983.

· Organization Development Course arranged by Pakistan Institute of Management Karachi in November 1983.

· Marketing Management course arranged by O&M Division, Government of Pakistan and the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants at Karachi in January 1984.

· Course on Stores Management & Materials Handling arranged by Software Tech & Management Services, Karachi in August 1985.

· Seminar on Port Management Information Systems arranged by Karachi Port Trust in collaboration with ESCAP at KPT Staff College in January 1986.


Authored a book on Materials Management. It is a 500 page compilation of the latest methods, technologies and systems related to material management including warehousing, inventory control and order flows. This book is currently in use in the Karachi Port Trust which is the largest sea-port of Pakistan. Furthermore, this book is also being used in the sea-port Qasim of Pakistan which is the second largest port of Pakistan. I have also been given a special recognition and cash award by the Karachi Port Authority in appreciation and acknowledgement of my contribution which streamlined the Karachi port operations significantly.

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